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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crown - Natron

I'm still deeply in love with the hyper intelligent brand of metal that seems to be making it's mark on my favorite corners of the underground. One of the latest submissions to this side of things is Crown's latest effort, the industrial and gloriously heavy Natron. Filled with epic tracks that require a few listens to pick apart and an understanding of what it means to be truly heavy Natron takes the listener on a journey and forces them to open their minds and ears to what this kind of music can really bring to the table.

The thing is, Crown do a great job of mixing in all sorts of exciting dynamics to craft pieces that are endlessly interesting to me. You find yourself unfolding songs and getting deeply invested in the true meaning behind them, because there is something inherently satisfying about picking apart what Natron truly represents. Crown are gods in my book because they understand what it means to craft intense music that continues to push boundaries and doesn't just beat the listener over the head with blast beats. It makes for a record that is truly a joy to listen too because it unveils itself slowly, piece by triumphant piece.

Picking apart Natron is no mean feat, and it certainly isn't meant for the light of heart. If you're not looking for an intellectual challenge, then don't feel obligated to pick up this record. But if you want something almost... mechanical, that pulls out gigantic sheets of metal and cracks them over your skull... well then Natron is your record. This is the kind of all encapsulating heavy music that I can't help but click 'repeat' on because it represents music from dudes like me, sad guys just trying to make a mark in the world and talk about their feelings so that they don't become serial killers or some shit.

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