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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Decomposed - Hope Finally Died

Decomposed are the kind of band who invoke triumphant images of basement doomed death metal destruction. The all out sonic assault that the band provides is strangely tempered with notes of sublime sadness. What Decomposed manage to do is infuse their brand of old school death metal with something vaguely poetic that helps to make Hope Finally Died the kind of record that you can really sink your teeth into. The touches of doom metal really help with that and guide you forth into the murk.

The thing is, with Decomposed you constantly find yourself bolstering your nerves for the next terrifying change. While there is a sense of the epic and lots of tasty minor key melodic lines to keep things interesting there are also a few tempo changes keeping things dangerous and edgy. The dudes in Decomposed are clearly master songwriters and the sense of drama that they are able to invoke with such relatively limited musical resources is stunning. The trajectory the music takes you on, with its guttural growls and deliciously down tuned guitars is surprisingly complex given how stripped down the whole affair can be. It speaks to the bands potency and leaves you wondering what other depths have yet to be explored in death metal. More shocking still is that a record this advanced come out in the early 90s!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that in some ways Hope Finally Died is a progressive metal record as well as a death/doom one. The sense of technicality and muddied up anger provides other elements, as does the general sludginess With every crushing note Decomposed pound you a little bit deeper into the dirt and you find yourself gasping for a bit more air. It speaks to the bands ability to keep the listener enthralled, forcing you to spin the album again and again until you truly understand the magic found within Decomposed's mind melting music.

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