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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Die Krupps - V- Metal Machine Music

Dorks like me know that Metal Machine Music is a classic, if highly cerebral Lou Reed record from the 70s. I kind of wondered if this would impact my judgement on V - Metal Machine Music the latest from German industrial metallers Die Krupps. All I can say is that if it did, it was only through positive association. This new record features some of the most fascinating mixtures of industrial music with heavy metal idioms, leading to tracks that are powerful and demented, demanding multiple listens to pick apart.

There is something intensely satisfying about the bottom end on this record. I don't know if that makes sense for me to say... but when I reach into what V - Metal Machine Music is all about I can't help but pump my fist and dance a little in response to what these guys do. Sure it's dark, ad quite often evil, but there is also something strangely upbeat about songs like Road Rage Warrior. You find yourself falling deeply in love with what Die Krupps do, not just because it is iconoclastic, but also because it beautifully executed and leaves you in awe. Industrial metal is having a bit of a renaissance lately and it feels like Die Krupps are on the cutting edge.

Perfectly produced, poignantly pitched, potential packed and possibly petulant (Damn that's a lot of p's!) I have to say, Die Krupps have made me want to reach further back in their discography. The depth and intensity of the emotions that the band covers on this record is impressive and shows that these Germans have what it takes to make it big. With years of work behind them I can't help but genuflect before what they have done. Die Krupps capture an impressive wealth of ideas and distill them into a record... you kinda have to be impressed.

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