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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Earth Witch

There is something strangely charming to me about bands that put 420 in their Facebook URL. In a weird way it gives their stuff a sense of legitimacy and helps to guide the music forward. I happen to really dig this bands jam oriented vibes and crushing tones. That being said - there is also something inherently fascinating to me about the way that they are able to incorporate a few Yob-like ideas to give their two new tracks, Green Torch and Guts, a strangely esoteric feel. You find yourself throwing yourself into the music and letting the surreal greenery of what Earth Witch do overwhelm you. This is one of those bands where you can practically smell the dankness of their rehearsal space. It makes for music that fits well as anthems for years of poor choices. The fact of the matter is that Earth Witch fuse a lot of ideas and styles, even allowing bits of Motorhead to seep through now and again. It leads to a stoner rock sound that is distinctly their own and leaves me very curious to hear more material!

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