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Saturday, August 8, 2015

King Dude - Songs of Flesh and Blood - In The Key of Light

King Dude is another one of those bands I should probably know a lot more about than I actually do, but fuck it, ya know? The point is that their new record Songs of Flesh and Blood - In The Key of Light is the kind of esoteric triumph that makes heavy music so relevant in the twenty first century. Even though sonically King Dude rarely get too brutal or shocking, there is always something delectable to pick apart in their general approach and the strangely grim lyrical content of the tracks on this record.

The thing is, there is something wonderfully eerie about what King Dude are doing on Songs of Flesh and Blood - In The Key of Light. It's the same kind of vaguely occult magic that makes King Diamond so appealing. Beyond that, it's really hard to deny the staying power of something so fangloriously grim. The almost ritualistic quality of the music will have you smelling incense and bending your knee in honor of a band who seem dedicated - not just to darkness but also the eternal triumphant struggle of the human condition. It reflects a way forward and suggests that even in this world of shit we may very well be able to grow beyond.

What I'm saying is that King Dude are the kind of band who give me hope to go on to face a new day. With their predominantly minor key guitar ruminations and droning vocals coming together to help create a surreal sonic experience it's hard to keep yourself from falling in love with Songs of Flesh and Blood - In The Key of Light. They are doing something quite unlike any of their peers in the heavy scene, and if nothing else I think that will push them beyond and give them a meaningful staying power.

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