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Monday, August 31, 2015


Dust on the Chamber Floor cover art

Fiendlord are the kind of black metal band that really get my jimmies rustling. They understand the spirit of the genre and their powerful heart wrenching black metal is the kind of thing that makes the genre so valid in the first place. Reminiscent of their Salt Lake City peers Gallowbraid and Caladan Brood these guys do symphonic metal right. It's not overblown or silly, insteand it's poignant and powerful symphonic black metal that speaks to the spirit. The sense of triumph that dominates their songs gives them a sense of power and drives forth the ungodly hammer of their sonic assault into your skull. Fiendlord know what it means to brutalize the listener with high speed guitar work but also how to craft lush melodies that leave you grasping at the straws of reality. What I'm trying to say is that Fiendlord is black metal unleashed in a wondrous fasion in an era where far too many seek to pervert what the genre is all about - so go forth and let their Lovecraftian anthems ring out!

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