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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Horrifying Nightmares... cover art

Italian death metal slaughterlords Gravesite have a wonderful understanding of what it truly means to be brutal. You find yourself being crushed by the suffocating attack of their new record Horrifying Nightmares and in a way you find yourself kind of falling in love. The fact of the matter is that Gravesite in all their Death-derived riffing magic have actually hacked into one of those things that makes death metal so magical in the first place. Gravesite know how to slow it down, choke out the listener, and then ramp the velocity back up so that you're left wondering where the fuck you are. Gravesite understand the primal power of death metal and that's what makes their chunky and angular riffs on songs like Horrifying Nightmares of Flesh and Blood just work. Gravesite invoke the ungodly spirit of the underground and they blast forward hard enough that you will never find respite despite years of suffering - so turn it the fuck up.

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