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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Analepsy - Dehumanization By Supremacy

ANALEPSY | Dehumanization by Supremacy CD cover art

Sci-fi album art? Check. Ridiculously brutal growls? Check. Chugging riffs that beat your head into the ground? Check. Analepsy's latest record - the over the top brutal Dehumanization By Supremacy is a brutal death metal record for the ages. The crushing attack of these riffs and the swirling destruction wreaked by these Portuguese death dealers is palatable and speaks to their ability to unleash the kind of face wrecking death metal that losers like me need if we want to find a way to fight our way forward in this uncaring world.

Just listening to the ungodly drum assault that defines this record is enough to make the casual fan fall in love. There is a clear sense of passion behind the music too - I mean obviously it kind of needs to be there if you're going to do something this iconoclastic, but it's still potent. Analepsy are fully aware of the lessons in violence that they need to deliver if they want to properly crack skulls with Dehumanization By Supremacy. Even the bands Putrid Pile cover at the end carries their own signature mark of painfully heavy death metal whilst staying true to the concept and beauty of the original.

And so we come to the end of this little review and realize that if nothing else - Analepsy understand what it means to utterly pummel the listener to the point of no return. Dehumanization By Supremacy is cruel and unforgiving, it will make you bend the knee to the kind of death metal poignancy that few of their peers could ever dream of. There is something distinctly and wonderfully fucked up about Analepsy's sound and it proves that this kind of brutal death metal has a strange vibrance that will resonate for years to come.

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