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Sunday, August 9, 2015

IIVII - Colony

Though I'll be the first to admit that I don't know a lot about ambient music, I do know what I like, and what really provokes profound emotional connections within. Colony is one such record, with such a deep sense of melancholy that even the happiest individual will be forced to look within and extract all the sadness from their bones as they find themselves wrapped up in the soundscapes of this record. What I'm trying to say is that IIVII, a band I have no previous knowledge of have absolutely blown me away with their minimalist sound.

There is a sense of droning might behind Colony and yet it is never intimidating or overwhelming. Instead the songs rise and fall, working their way into your heart and mind, showing you the ephemeral might that this music was meant to have. IIVII speak to a sort of subliminal level of the human condition. In some strange way you might even be able to argue that this record is a sort of refinement on Lou Reed's classic Metal Machine Music. The thing is, as you pick apart each layer of this record you find yourself listening to new and weird aspects.What I'm saying is that to truly understand what IIVII are achieving on Colony requires at least a handful of listens.

This is the kind of music that provides a sort of background track to life, guiding you through triumphs and failures as you seek to move forward whilst suffocating in a storm of cranes. IIVII pull apart every iota of what it means to be a depressed being and force you to look at it in a strangely beautiful and very poignant way. Colony is the music of people trying to reach out and not just understand themselves but also the world around the, This is ambient mastery for a new generation and it will ring for years to come.

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