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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Gentlemen Bastards

Bastards' Brew cover art

Despite the inherent simplicity of the genre I find it really hard to deny myself the magic of stoner rock. When a band comes along like The Gentlemen Bastards, who tackle the genre from every angle, I find myself falling even deeper in love. Their new record Bastard's Brew touches on all sides of the stoner rock idiom, with spaced out tracks slotting in nicely next to wonderful ragers. While the vocals may be a bit high in the mix the overall impression I get from the music is delicious and reflects a group of dudes who really know what they're doing. While there definitely is a jam vibe here there is also an inherent artistry to what The Gentlemen Bastards do and it has me sitting here with a smile and my face and the horns in the sky. Sure they've still got to refine their sound a bit, but the overall concept of the band is solid and it leaves me very excited to see where these guys will be in the next year!

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