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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Posers - S/T

Posers cover art

I saw Posers live a few months ago and was immediately stunned by their approach to punk rock. Sure these dudes (And dudette) can crust it up with the best of them, but they also bring a sense of old school punk. The fusion of ideas here is brilliant, poppy, and endlessly charming. The thing is - people want punk rock that is fucked up, smart, but also danceable. and this female fronted act does exactly that. Posers provide a sort of cleansing release - with every side of the punk rock spectrum covered in a surprisingly tight and polished package, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Posers understand what it means to craft pure fuckin' punk rock in a beautiful unadulterated form. Even the first song on the EP Nothing features a noisy bridge worthy of Full of Hell whilst balancing this out with tasty choruses. The Iggy Pop like madness that defines some of these tracks is simply unforgettable and immediately gets at what attracted so many of us to this fucked up thing we call punk in the first place. And yet - unlike many of their peers who might be billed 'revivalist' Posers actually are bring punk music forward. They remain as tortured as a raw nerve, and refreshingly visceral, and yet that doesn't stop them from writing songs that you can sing along too.

What I'm trying to say is that all appearances seem to indicate that Posers is a Raw Power for a new generation. Posers are part of a new movement of punk bands that fuse old and new to create something incredibly fun that speaks to the heart and reminds us why punk rock matters. Not stuck up their own ass and willing to wear their influences on their collective sleeve (I'm looking at you Better Future) Posers stand tall as one of the most exciting bands in punk right now and they need to be treated as such.

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