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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jackson Firebird - Shake The Breakdown

Jackson Firebird really impressed me with their debut record Cock Rockin' last year. But now things are better than ever with the bombastic two piece releasing some of their most virile music yet on Shake The Breakdown. Anthemic and bold this is the kind of rock and roll record that we need if we want the genre to hold on to its precious soul. Jackson Firebird are dirty, raunchy and powerful, talented musicians who can deliver any sort of rock and roll at the drop of a hat and leave you gasping in awe.

The thing is Shake The Breakdown sees an even greater depth of diversity than the bands debut. Songs like Headache Mantra have a sound that combines Rage Against The Machine with Jack White. Meanwhile the cover of Fat Bottomed Girls helps to prove that these guys know their roots and it provides an even more poignant breadth to the music. Toss in some quasi acoustic and psychedelic moments here and there and you have to admit that Shake The Breakdown is the kind of release that demands the attention of anyone who seeks to keep abreast with what rock and roll can be in 2015.

At the end of the day Shake The Breakdown is more than just a throwback to a different generation. Jackson Firebird are crafting a distinct sound that can remain potent even in the twenty first century. They speak to a millenials desire for nostalgia, but more than that there is something very real about what the band has created here and it's hard to deny that they have managed to unleash a sonic assault that few of their peers can ever match. Filled with a triumphant manic energy it's hard not to fall in love with what Jackson Firebird do.

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