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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ramming Speed - No Epitaphs

Remember a couple years ago when we thought thrash was about to make a comeback in the form of neo-thrash? What the hell even happened to Nylithia anyway? The point being - Ramming Speed have indeed come back with yet another record and are proving that they at least still have exciting things to say in the thrash community. The punishing and beautifully technical sonic assault that defines this record is endlessly enjoyable and speaks to the bands ability to put together top notch tracks, truly thrash for a new generation.

What Ramming Speed do truly well is mix old and new elements to keep things exciting. Even the first track No Epitaphs see's the band bringing out a balls out assault that many of the bands peers should be jealous of. There are exciting guitar melodies but also incredibly vicious vocal lines that are filled with triumphant darkness and a beautiful evil. You find yourself digging ever deeper into what these dudes do and you can't help but raise the horns, simply because Ramming Speed have found the perfect medium of old and new and have been able to refine that into a sound that is wholly their own.

At the end of the day - Ramming Speed are the kind of band who will rip your throat out and force you to do a devilish dance. The fact of the matter is that these dudes understand every aspect of thrash, from crossover to thrashgrind. No Epitaphs sees the band having come very far as songwriters and ending up endlessly dedicated to the viciousness of their music. Angular and catchy I think it's hard to reject that there is a profound power to this album and one that will hopefully ring forth for years to come.

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