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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Swamp/Fetid Zombie - Necromantic Passages

There is something intrinsically delightful to me about basement dwelling death metal You know the stuff - minimal production values, guttural growls and vicious guitar work. The crushingly heavy madness that defines Necromantic Passages really gets at the beauty of this profane music and the deeper I delve the harder it becomes to deny that Swamp and Fetid Zombie are two of the most wonderfully vile examples of death metal out there today. Both bands go for the throat and understand true darkness - making for a delicious split cassette.

Swamp fully understand their own disgusting glory - it's made clear from their first song on the split that Swamp are here to kick ass and make you suffer. The pummeling drum assault on Lunar Fantasies is simply another step forward in the perpetual burn of Swamp's three tracks on this split and it evidences their ability to create positively mammoth sounds that terrify the listener. Fetid Zombie seem to revel in dragging us even deeper into the darkness with primal sounds that are frequently counterbalanced by melodic guitar lines that don't shy from being flashy. They unleash a primal balance of precise guitar work with more devastating sounds to make for some grim listening.

At the end of the day splits like these are part of what makes death metal work. When you're blazing forth with ungodly rhythms and barked vocals it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that there is something very human about this music. Both Swamp and Fetid Zombie bring their A-game on this record and perform wonderfully - giving a look forward and a refreshing outlet into the bleak realities faced by both sets of musicians. Death metal is cleansing and potent, and Necromantic Passages proves exactly that.

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