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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wildlights - S/T

Wildlights are simply more proof that Season of Mist is expanding their roster to all sorts of exciting young bands who are not only so hip and on the go that they drink their yogurt from a tube, but also ready to push the boundaries of heavy music. Seemingly Baroness tinged Wildlights eponymous debut is the kind of thing that stuns the listener and forces you to really open your mind in adulation for what the band have accomplished on this record. It speaks to their skill as musicians that they could craft something so immaculate and endlessly beautiful.

The torrential outpour of riffs that defines this record is stunning. There is something deliciously chunky about Wildlights that fits nicely into the modern heavy rock polemic. While they tend to shy away from big choruses they have riffs that will get your whole body shaking and powerful high pitched vocals that carry the listener off. Shockingly confident and wonderfully mature Wildlights is a distinctly refreshing and cleansing listen. It carries the listener forward and gives them a sense of triumph, even within the soul melting struggle that so often defines our day to day movements. Wildlights give us a mental escape.

There is something wonderfully transcendent about Wildlights and it evidences the bands ability to conjure great tracks and epic ditties that leave you reveling in the endless might of the music. Wildlights understand exactly what heavy rock music needs and they have crafted a unique sound in an extremely crowded scene. It's hard to hate on what Wildlights do simply because they are so god damn good at it. Wonderfully polished and chock to the brim with delicious spiralling sounds Wildlights is the sound of the future.

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