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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Armament - First Strike

First Strike (Thrash Metal) cover art

Stripped down, evil, and extremely fetch the new record from Indian thrashers Armament expresses all of the fundamental power of the genre. With a distinct sense of evil accenting songs like Chaos Prevails it's hard to deny that this EP is a great example of thrash metal from a rapidly developing nation. Sure the bass drum sounds like shit and the guitars could be thicker sounding, but that's totally aside the point - Armament get the simple beauty of thrash and will get metalheads of all stripes diving into the pit. These guys don't just unleash blackened thrash riffs at a million miles an hour, they know how to scale it back and bring their spiralling riffs under control, leaving you choking under the sublime might of the genre. The point being - Armament have a lot of potential and I'm excited to see how they grow. They invoke a magic similar to that of early Sepultura, and if the music ends up being anywhere near that potent I think it could be exciting for the future of metal.

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