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Monday, September 21, 2015

Breed The Killers

Breed The Killers cover art

Breed The Killers are the rare band who understand the potency of controlled chaos, or so their debut release leads me to believe. Dwelling primarily on hardcore tropes yet unafraid to incorporate the sludgy influences of bands like Crowbar these dudes have managed to balance themselves on a knifes edge, creating exciting and destructive music that is hard to ignore. You hear the crushing assault of tracks like Final Day and you realize that Breed The Killers are the real deal - filled to the brim with the throat ripping madness that the genre deserves. The fact of the matter is that Breed The Killers are going to make you dive into the pit, but they make sure to add a little something more. Using metal edges to temper what is primarily a hardcore sound these guys are far too much fun to listen too and they truly capture wht it means to be 'wall punching hardcore' The fact of the matter is Breed The Killers have a clear vision and tight execution and at the end of the day - what more could you want?

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