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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Psygnosis - AAliens

France's Psygnosis have long intrigued me with their powerful post rock derived sounds and strange electronic elements. The fact of the matter is that these guys are creating heavy music quite unlike anyone else out there right now and it will enchant you, even if you're not really a metalhead. Their new record AAliens is a two track EP that can't help but make you fall deeper into the music as you look for answers in a world of what is apparently perpetual suffering. Psygnosis get to the core power of heavy music on this record and it is glorious.

This is the kind of record that can't help but be interesting to metal nerds like me. With a cello straining through the mix and powerful synthesizer lines providing a nice sense of weirdness to the whole thing Psygnosis have managed to evoke a sort of post-metal type magic that very few of their peers could match. There is also a sense of authenticity here that is essential for a project this esoteric to work. Yeah Psygnosis make brainy music - but you get the sense that these are brainy dudes who want to sit down and talk about musical themes and the potency of making sample heavy music with barely any lyrics.

The thing is - AAliens could so easily fall into the trap of being pretentious and dull - but it doesn't. In fact - it refuses too. And this is a key part of the magic of AAliens it speaks to a new wave of metal that goes far beyond the traditional limitations of the genre and proves that true beauty can be communicated in a mere two tracks. This is an EP to truly be reckoned with and one that should not be forgotten in the metal canon. These guys have a potent future, now it's just a question of seeing if they can capitalize on it.

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