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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dimension - Life is a Misery

A revived sound of the 90’s is coming from a Portugal band called Dimension on their album “Life is a Misery.”  Now when I say 90’s I’m not talking about that generic sound you heard on the radio every day and still hear occasionally from that one radio station that just won’t quit.  I am talking about the core of that time with much more edge.  This is the best of the era but with a great cohesiveness amongst obviously talented musicians, but more importantly amazing song writers.  

This is a total package album with a lot to offer to anyone in the metal/rock scene.  From the grunge/punk vocals coming in over top of a strong rhythm section, reminding the listener of the great head banging drive from bands such as Cro-mags and Rage Against the Machine, this is a force to make anyone want to push down on that gas pedal and flip off anyone who looks your way.  So many times a band comes out and tries to mimic a sound or a song and this band doesn’t try to sound like anyone and writes for themselves but the listener can’t help but love it as well.   What really makes this album is the balance of great rocky riffs, dirty bass lines, and a nonstop need to move to the beat.  I can’t stress enough how well balanced these songs are and the rhythm section kills it in every song.  

Now lets not forget about these powerful vocals.  You can have the greatest music in the world but if your vocalist doesn’t deliver than you will never be heard.  Again you find yourself wanting to shove someone from these hardcore vocals that perfectly blend with the tone of the guitars.  You couldn’t imagine a more complimentary vocalist for this punchy in your face sound. 

The “don’t let anyone hold you back” and “fuck the man” mentality really peer through the lyrics and really speak to most people now a day who feel like they are in quick sand and want to get out of their own prisons.  The struggle is real.  This isn’t some band trying to shred constantly or use the biggest words possible to persuade the listener that they are smarter than you, this is a band of great talent and punch that can be enjoyed by any listener in almost any genre of metal.  This is 7 tracks of pure old school hardcore music at its best and everyone should give “Life is a Misery”  a listen.

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