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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pig Destroyer - Prowler In The Yard Reissue

Pig Destroyer's 2001 release Prowler In The Yard is still considered a grindcore classic and one that would go on to define the modern face of the genre. So if any grind record was ripe for a reissue and a remix then this was definitely the one. Put out in the early days of the band the initial release sounded a bit... thin for my taste, yet it remained vibrant because of the raw sense of nervous energy that rubbed off onto the listener and tortured them for each and every triumphant listen. This remix and remastering sees the record sounding better, and more potent than ever before.

Simply put, this Scott Hull provided remix of Prowler In The Yard is masterful because it sounds much fuller and in some ways is more reminiscent of the bands modern sound. That being said - tracks like Preacher Crawling show that this remix has not taken away from the original destructive nature of the recording - if anything it's added to it. The bonecrushing assault of some of these tracks makes the music even more compelling and leaves you scraping your jaw from the floor as you try to comprehend the sublime power that this band has captured. And as for the bonus track... well let's just say it's everything you've come to expect from these grind gods, vicious, unholy, and ready to go for the throat.

Prowler In The Yard remains a fast listen that takes a handful of spins to digest, it's just that now it seems to appeal a bit more to modern sensibilities. Just as potent (If not more so) than its previous iteration we see how far the band has come in this blast from the past and yet we also get to see how the group maintains their old mastery. At the end of the day - Pig Destroyer is still Pig Destroyer and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it. If you liked this record originally you'll love it now, these dudes are the best of the best and don't you forget it.

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