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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ecstatic Vision, Ruby The Hatchet and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats at Webster Hall

Webster Hall is one of the most interesting venues in New York City for me. The fact that it turns into a dance club around 11 o'clock seems especially ironic after seeing a show like this one, leaving the crowd soaking in washed out occult 70's vibes. The point being - last night at Webster Hall was far too much fun, and invoked the power of old school psychedelic music on one of the grandest stages that the city has to offer. It was an evening of hard rock absolution for the common man.

Ecstatic Vision were up first playing Hawkwind inspired rock and roll that went straight to the soul. With violent saxophone playing and poignant stripped down guitar lines these guys understand what it means to have a rave-up. Despite the Hawkwind worship the band also has a distinctly modern twist to their music that helps to keep things fresh. The fact of the matter is that Ecstatic Vision are the kind of band who speak to the eternal power of rock and roll with their wholly unique sound. The organic vibes and washed out majesty of their sonic assault is not to be underestimated and will resonate with nerds like me for years to come.

Up next were my perennial favorites Ruby The Hatchet who I saw almost exactly a year ago in a different neighborhood of New York City. They remained as exciting as ever, their skills only increasing - a direct result of their total dedication to the band. Jillian Taylor the bands bombastic frontwoman is one of the great performers of her generation. Ruby The Hatchet are wholly aware of the power of this kind of music and when they evoke 70's magic you know they're not fucking around. These guys and gal understand the fundamental elements that make rock music such a valid art form and use heavy organs and doubled vocal lines to unleash occult vibes that make things wonderfully eerie. The point being - Ruby The Hatchet are going places, and fast, they represent all that this new wave of rock and roll has to offer and it is very exciting!

And so the hour was upon us for Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - a band who my father had seen three years prior and never let me forget about. Now I had my chance to bask in their live majesty and I have to say I was over the moon at their stunning performance. With a nearly hour and a half long set Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are truly talented performers, harmonizing vaguely disturbing melodies and sneaking their way into the souls of fans across the globe. They kept the entire crowd in awe with their trademark throb getting punters to involuntarily start dancing, thralls to the roaring riffs and rolling thunder that defines this band. Make no mistake - Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats may very well be the band that saves rock and roll.

As I rolled out I was stunned by the diversity of the crowd. With an almost even mix of genders and a breadth of races and ages represented you got the sense that something truly exciting was starting to happen. Uncle Acid prove that this kind of music isn't just for young white males anymore but that instead their may very well be a way forward and a new path for rock and roll in this fucked up world of ours. Just what that represents I'm still not wholly sure - but I do know one thing, all three of these bands are here to stay.

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