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Monday, September 14, 2015

Satan - Atom By Atom

Satan - now there's a band you can trust to crank out some good tunes. Now the band is back with their fourth full length. Of course that belies the bands longevity, as of course they have been around for more than thirty years. The point being - with Atom By Atom Satan build on their trademark sound and take it to bold new frontiers - reflecting a newfound comfort in their live rituals that goes far beyond anything heard on 2013's Life Sentence. The fact of the matter is that Satan are one of the strongest NWOBHM bands still rocking and there's nothing you can do about it.

The angular guitar playing and punchy guitar tones on tracks like Ahriman is delicious, adding a touch of Manila Road to the bands rather distinct approach. Meanwhile it should be noted that while yeah, Brian Ross doesn't sound exactly like he did back in 1983 the guy can still fucking rip. His voice is incredibly powerful and acts as the guiding force for this record as you find yourself navigating all sorts of exciting soundscapes and finding yourself lost in the unending poetry of heavy music. At the end of the day - these dudes have only built on their past work - making Atom By Atom the most worthwhile listen from these dudes yet.

It's encouraging to see a band of Satan's level and notoriety still putting out top notch material in 2015. It speaks to the undying power of heavy metal and guides us further in the perennial quest for heavy metal mastery. Atom By Atom is living proof that Satan are only going to get better as the years progress. Reminiscent of all the magic of the 80s and yet more evolved than any of their early recordings this record sees the band charging boldly forward into a brave new world that shall never be forgotten!

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