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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Gloom - Doggod [CD - 2015] cover art

Gloom... now there's a good band name, albeit one that might be better suited for a doom act rather than an oppressive blackened death act likes this one. Ridiculously ferocious and turned all the way up to eleven Gloom are blackened death metal at its finest. There sonic assault is all out, emphasizing bass drum blasts and an oppressive sense of sonic desecration that few of the bands peers could imagine living up to. Simply put - their new record Doggod proves that Gloom are the real fucking deal and there is no way around that. These songs contain oodles of suppressed rage communicated in demented pig squeals, ungodly shrieks and demonic growls. Simply put - Gloom are tearing the listener apart inch by bloody inch, proving that truly evil music can still exist in the soul wrenching madness of the twenty first century. Gloom know how to unleash the fascinating darkness that only death metal can provoke. So go out and let the evil shine forth - after all, this is what heavy metal was made for.

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