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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Huntress - Static

So at times I've struggled with Huntress - a part of me can't get over the silliness of commercials featuring Jill Janus motorboating busty women - it's strangely endearing but also kind of meta. But when I decided to listen to their new record Static free from that context I found myself enjoying the record far more than I had ever expected. At times reminiscent of King Diamond and at others Motorhead, Huntress have found a rather distinct sound that is poignant, powerful and far too much fun.

The blazing guitars found throughout this record reflect the eternal power that rock and roll will always have. The searing solos and fun melodic lines provide a background to Jill Janus's trademark roar. That being said, as strong as her vocals might be I feel that the lyrics are occasionally lacking and leave me wanting more. A part of me longs for tracks like Eight Of Swords which emphasized the occult elements of the band rather than this faux-Motorhead vibe that the band occasionally tries to channel. Remember though, Huntress are still a fairly young band though and this can be excused, and furthermore they're still doing good things for the scene.

While I may not be a total convert and instead retreat to my usual diet of doom metal I have to say that I have a much deeper understanding of Huntress after listening to Static. These guys are channeling the power of heavy metal in the modern world and keeping things fun. They get the power of chunky riffs and anthemic choruses and that's going to serve them well in the years to come. While this may not be the record that gets Huntress massive underground acceptance it certainly proves that these guys aren't fucking around, and deserve your respect.

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