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Friday, September 4, 2015


I listen to a lot of music.  Occasionally something comes along, slaps me in the face, and screams LISTEN TO ME!  You may be curious on what that was so I am here to tell you all about the German band HEXA and their debut EP "HÄNDE AUS GLAS." 

I remember it so vividly.  I got this email about a German band and thought to myself I was going to get a synth filled death metal band with some leads and a rip off of something I've avoided for years.  But then there was a very captivating and melodic intro that immediately told me to turn that shit up to eleven.  Then the bass slide comes in and the metal rips through the veil of my expectations.  Song after song you will find yourself more impressed with the entire band.  This is not just a band, but a family of musicians working together to write some of the best melodic metal core I have ever heard, and I'm a musician in a very talented pool of metal core bands.  

The complexity of this album will remind you of bands such as All that Remains and August Burns Red.  The canorous leads are very enjoyable and well placed within their music, while the rhythm is well balanced between catchy chugs, progressive beats and very tight harmonies.  I had to use a translation application because I am so enthralled with this band and needed to know what I was attempting to sing along with.  The lyrics are well written and contain a lot of what you expect from a metal core band (struggles within ones self, love loss, etc.) but the vocalist really drives the meaning home with his low and high screams.  The only thing that I would want to hear is a little clean vocals once in a while to add an extra element to some of the songs. 

There was a lot of thought and time put into these songs and you can really hear and feel the emotions of them.  Every measure will command your attention and pull you deeper in the world of blast beats and break downs that this band offers to the masses.  HEXA only gives you a four track taste of their music with their debut EP "HÄNDE AUS GLAS" but I hope there is much more to come.  This band will be a force to be reckoned with and I hope to see them when they come to the states.   

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