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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Scale The Summit - V

So Scale The Summit have always been something of an anomaly and that's a big part of what makes me love them so goddamn much. While their sounds are definitely 'heavy' in the proper sense of the word, the sense of artistry behind the music, the jazz fusion playing of Chris Letchford and the sheer magic of their soundscapes is the kind of thing that's hard to deny - even for non metal fans. The point is their new record V sees the band continuing on their path to freedom with vivid ideas being executed on a triumphant canvas.

I feel that the lyricism of the guitars on this record has been taken to a new level on this record, but don't think that the fun flashy sides of the bands music are not still present. The thing is - Scale the Summit have always had a very specific vibe and on V we see them elaborating on it in the best way possible. The bands core concepts remain exciting because they have been able to expand on their previous work. Through this Scale The Summit has gone on to communicate powerful and diverse emotions even in the course of a single song. The fact of the matter is that V is progressive metal for the twenty first century, slick, streamlined and incredibly sexy.

The balance of light and dark on V is not to be underestimated - in fact it's one of the key elements of the record and a huge part of what makes it great. Scale The Summit understand exactly what goes into a great record at this point in their career and it seems to me that these dudes are only going to get better. Intelligent, inspiring and endlessly engaging Scale The Summit are living proof that progressive metal isn't just for dorks anymore, it's exciting, passionate and powerful, the kind of music that will leave music dorks and casual fans alike awash in awe.

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