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Friday, September 11, 2015

Pyramids on Mars - Echo Cosmic

"Echo Cosmic" by Pyramids on Mars... sounds a little spacey right?  Well for an entire instrumental album based off the idea of life outside our planet, I think the title of this debut album fits just right.  As a musician I always enjoy listening to an artist who can make a song really hit home without any words to convince me to stay clinging on to that over used guitar riff or constant use of an open string.  When you have a band that can keep your attention on music alone with such amazing talent you know you have something special going on.

Now if that wasn't enough for you to get excited then you have to know that this is ONE PERSON.  Can you believe that shit?  Well it's true.  Ontario Canada's own Kevin Estrella is a one man progressive/metal shredding machine with music that comes to him from his dreams to our ears.  He has documented an UFO sighting and has met with highly known and accredited ufologists over the years and uses his encounter as motivation for his music.  Now I don't want to get in a debate about if life exists outside of this planet because the only thing out of this world I am certain about is this music.

So lets get back into this gnarly riffage covered in silky creamy leads called "Echo Cosmic."  This album is best described in my mind as a nice aged bourbon.  It has the right amount of kick to soothe your mood and that nice smooth flow that burns just right.  It's both enjoyable and gets the job done.  Your getting Joe Satriani and Steve Vai with Jimmi Hendrix all mixed in nicely with the progressive/spacey style of Rush, plus the raw drive of Metallica.  This artist showcases his knowledge of music theory kneaded tightly within the infrastructure of these songs while still maintaing the essential balance to keep it about the music and not just one instrument.  While I believe mostly musicians or people "in the industry" would appreciate this album, I think that anyone who listens to this album will be back for more. 

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