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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Counting Days - Liberated Sounds

Now this is my favorite part of the job.  Listening to a band that is hands down better than what the main stream kings are selling.  "Liberated Sounds" by Counting Days is a mind blowing reminder of what bands you don't know of yet have to offer.  Before I get too deep into the songs I also want to point out the value of having a physically appealing album cover or merch design and I know someone will say "looks are deceiving" or I'm "superficial" but why do you think bands pay for professional artwork?  Because they are professional. It's a representation of what you are and the first thing someone sees on your merchandise.  It's your brand and this band has bad ass written all over it.  

"Liberated Sounds" starts off with a straight dropkick to the face and no apologies.  This is the sound bands in the hardcore scene wish they could write but lack the ability to think of the song as a whole.  These songs are groovy and heavy with a sound similar to bands like It Dies Today and Chimaira.  This has the elements expected of a hardcore band with that thrash edge combined with a metal background ever present in these songs.  As I listen to the album more and more I find that I'm involuntarily playing air guitar while head banging in my kitchen with people just staring at me.  There is some slower parts in the song which show off a more relaxing side of the band also.  I personally love when bands take it down a notch and get fresh with the audience.  These bands members are no strangers to success and the road, which shows in this well executed medley of hardcore music with metal and punk influence.   

There is a common idea that all metalcore/hardcore music sounds exactly the same and I can see where that stems from but it doesn't change the fact that there are bands out there that are doing it right and make a name for themselves and break away from the pack to become a force of nature.  Counting Days is a quintet of mayhem that has put in the work and it really shows.  Don't get me wrong you aren't getting something groundbreaking but your getting the cream of the scene when it comes to "Liberated Sounds."  There are people that imitate and people that are real songs writers, and for me this band delivered one hell of an album.  If you like tons of screaming with gut punching guitar riffs, dirty breakdowns and catchy melodies than you need to look no further than my friends from the U.K.

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