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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ritual Killer - Exterminance

The fucked up beauty of the New Orleans scene shines through best in the punk rock destruction that seems to slip through any heavy music that comes from the region. The pummeling assault of the new Ritual Killer record, the indescribably and beautifully overwhelming Exterminance is a perfect example of this - showing the genre tearing the listener apart. The raw darkness and desperation communicated in this albums eight blaring tracks is stunning and will leave you really from the sonic blow.

What Ritual Killer do perfectly on Exterminance is communicate the bitter unreality of this strange world we live in. The blazing guitars and battered drums beat out a rhythm of misery in a world of shit. The vocal lines seem to be almost torn from the singer, each forceful blow leaving him a little weaker than the last and evidencing the terrifying destruction that this music can have. At the end of the day - Ritual Killer speak to the darker side of the spirit and this is what makes them great - demented, but great. It's hard to turn away from the tortured noises of Exterminance and it leaves us lapping up the blood.

So let yourself sink into the fragmented cries of Ritual Killer and feel the sick nature of these New Orleans black metal stalwarts seep into your flesh. They rage forward rarely slowing down, instead finding more demented heights as their frontman groans on top of the whole thing, leading you down a dead end path and then beating you up, stealing your wallet, and leaving you to contemplate your life choices. The fact of the matter is - Ritual Killer are evil and they know it, can you handle the madness?

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