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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cain/Maximum Oversatan - Unholy Triumvirate

Seven inch splits are one of those things that makes death metal so sacred to me - especially when it invokes the wonderful darkness of the underground as well as Unholy Triumvirate. Featuring two bands that are distinctly fucked up and classless in a way that only American groups can be this split stands as a testament to the enduring power of the metal scene and its ability to unite brothers in demented death blasting out music that hasn't advanced all that far from Venom - and frankly, that's what makes it great.

Cain start of the split off with high speed destruction coming at you at a million miles an hour. As mentioned before their first contribution, Genocide has a heavy Venom vibe to it. Meanwhile the unyielding assault of their second track, an edit of Necronomicon is equally stunning - it tears forth leaving the listener beaten down and on the ground, in awe of the musics almighty power. When Maximum Oversatan step up to the plate with their own unique brand of New Jersey blackened speed metal it becomes clear that these dudes are the real deal and will fuck you up with no questions asked, unloading cosmic death at ungodly volumes. Also they have a fun cover - and that's rad.

The raw power of these two bands helps to reflect that the Unholy Triumvirate is one of those records that is essential to understanding the spirit of death metal. It contributes to a larger whole, it is unsacred and beautiful because of that. Cain and Maximum Oversatan speak to extreme metals inherent beauty, as stripped back and oppressive as it may be. So finding yourself lost in the sublime bleakness of Unholy Triumvirate is a rare treat, heavy metal to soothe the raging soul and guide you to oblivion.

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