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Thursday, September 10, 2015

ShadowStrike, Gothic Knights, and Angra at BB Kings

As I said to the Brazilian power metal freak I hung out with last night I literally can not remember the last time that I went to a power metal show... it might actually be as far back as January. That being said - my first show after my move to New York City was a memorable one, at BB Kings right off of Times Square it was surreal to see heavy metal being performed underneath what is probably the busiest intersection on earth. The point being - nights like September 9th 2015 prove to me that this kind of music will never die.

First up were Long Island natives ShadowStrike the kind of young power metal band who grew up in the Dragonforce-era, an influence that heavily shone through in their shred happy sound. That being said after a little bit of initial nervousness these boys performed admirably and delivery a half hour long set that had the slowly growing crowd charmed with their high flying magic. Narmy and over the top this is the way power metal was meant to be - It makes for a good time from a band who seem to be going places, hell, their next show they're opening for Sonata Artica, and not for nothing, but that's pretty badass.

Up next were Gothic Knights the a power metal band formed of longtime veterans of the scene who had come from Connecticut to share their unique and distinctly American take on the genre with the masses. While at times it felt like they were overreaching Gothic Knights play with an undeniable charm that overcomes their few limitations and proves to me that Gothic Knights know what it means to put together a tight show. These are warriors from a time forgot and watching them unleash the rage is strangely charming - it proves the enduring madness of the genre and gives me hope for generations to come.

Finally it was time for the almighty Angra to take the stage where Fabio unleashed his epic voice and guided the band through two hours of heavy metal madness. It was adorable to see the gathered masses singing along to over the top and fun lyrics. You also got a sense for the empowerment that Angra seek to communicate with their music. Their is something distinctly liberating and beautiful about the heart rending power of this band as they explored their catalog, from their very first record to their more recent unveilings. The fact of the matter is that in a crowded scene Angra are wholly unique and will always be fun to dig in too.

As the night closed out and I rode home in the subway I couldn't help but smile. This is my new life, going to shows in Times Square and hanging out with big name power metal band s who have been doing their thing for a quarter of a century and are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. Kiko of Angra in particular seemed to revel the small club vibe, knowing all to well that soon his life will be lost in the madness of Megadeth. The point remains though, power metal will never die so let the sound of freedom ring out and guide your forth into the darkness!

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