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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Black Breath - Slaves Beyond Death

Sure it's been three years since Black Breath's last record, but in the interim they remained one of the most buzzed about bands in death metal. Both of their full lengths have scores above 90% on Encyclopaedia Metallum, a rare feat, and one that speaks to the unending power of their music. Now as I find myself subjected to the soul crushing rituals of their latest release - the face melting Slaves Beyond Death I am more in love than ever with the hectic sounds of a band who spit in God's face and carve their own path.

Before you ask - yes, the grooves are still there, and yes, the band remains as gloriously violent. But I feel that now in the three years that came between this record and its predecessor Black Breath have grown immensely as songwriters and learned to breed new levels of darkness in their sound. Beyond that, the angular riffs on tracks like Reaping Flesh are extremely exciting to me and suggest that the band is about to push the boundaries even further. The fact of the matter is that Slaves Beyond Death sees Black Breath doing what they do best - making death metal the way it was meant to sound and expanding upon these demented sounds.

And so the drum beats on and the unyielding triumph of Black Breath rings forth. Deep, profound and unafraid to crack your skull open and drink the fluid Slaves Beyond Death covers a wealth of emotion while never straying from death metals dark path. Black Breath are perhaps the greatest straight death metal act of the decade and Slaves Beyond Death will make sure you never forget it. Ferocious, bitter and willing to make you suffer as they pummel you with riff after riff and chorus after chorus Black Breath are demented gods for a new generation.

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