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Sunday, September 27, 2015

ShadowStrike - Infinite Power

ShadowStrike are one of those gloriously over the top and triumphant power metal bands that make you smile and get you to shake your fist at the sky. Their debut record Infinite Power is the kind of stunning and strangely encouraging work that captures the inherent power of the genre. The fact of the matter is that though ShadowStrike are clearly facing the limitations of youth on their debut they can fucking play and they are set to create great things in the next few years of power metal madness - these guys fuckin' get it.

The over the top guitar solos and powerful choruses are a lot of fun and speak to the inherent innocence and joy of the genre. The touches of chiptune and classical music that accent a lot of these pieces help to keep the record interesting for its 40 minute duration. That being said - some of these tracks definitely end up feeling too long, and if the dudes in this band weren't so goddamn talented then Infinite Power would get old fast. As such - it's a minor defect in a record that is far too much fun and makes me think back to a happier and much more peaceful time. The point being - ShadowStrike carry you off on the wings of an eagle with this track and it's hard to forget their over the top power.

Top notch songwriters with a sense of humor and a genuine passion for the inherent power of their genre it's hard not to love the speed metal derived attack of Infinite Power. With Dragonforce inspired solos and soaring vocals coming together to help create a wholly unholy sound these guys will make you smile and show you that metal in the twenty first century doesn't need to be all doom and gloom. There is an undeniable potency to Infinite Power and I get the impression that this is one of the most talented up and coming power metal bands around today - expect big things.

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