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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sorcerer - S/T

Sorcerer is one of those weirdly legendary that takes a quarter of a century to put out their first record - that being said, this compilation of their demo material is ridiculously awesome - chock full of King Diamond worship and powerful riffs that guide the record forward through standout track after standout track. The point being - these dudes get the pure significance of doom metal and as I delve ever deeper into Sorcerer I can't help but smile and fall in love with the band indubitable power, truly truly I say to you, this is doom metal ripped from the past and deliver straight to the heart.

There are some beautiful soundscapes here and the powerful keys give thrilling accents to tracks like At Dawn. The thing is - Sorcerer are fully aware of their own bombastic beauty - it gives a sense of inherent drama to the record that is hard to ignore - in fact it only adds to the charm. The wealth of emotion that Sorcerer are able to capture on this record is impressive, it gives a sense of perpetual forward motion to their music and it guides the entire record. The thing is - Sorcerer is really fucking long - it clocks in over seventy minutes, but that's part of what makes it so enjoyable - it's a balls to the wall listening experience that is hard to forget.

Thrilling from top to bottom Sorcerer prove with this compilation that even early on they knew what made them great and it's encouraging to hear that their first full length (Which came out earlier this year on Metal Blade) only adds to the legacy created by this record. Sorcerer are true doom metal heroes and we have an obligation to give them the respect they deserve. So let the magic wash into your soul and feel the overwhelming vibes resonate within - this is doom fucking metal and Sorcerer won't let you forget it.

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