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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tsjuder - Antiliv

From the first terrifying crack you know that Tsjuder have created something special with their latest masterwork - the tastefully composed and endlessly interesting Antiliv. Exploiting stripped back soundscapes and screeching guitars to create a strangely meditative record there is something overwhelmingly beautiful about Antiliv. This is black metal slaughter to soothe the savage beast and show us the eternal power that this kind of music can have. In other words, Tsjuder guide us through the unforgiving darkness.

The demented sense of terror that defines Antiliv is strangely cathartic. You feel yourself getting lost in ferocious guitar lines that speak to the immortal power that this music can have. While a lot of the songs do rey on soaring and droning black metal guitars there is also a sense of pure riffage that shines through. Tsjuder have mastered the art of creating black metal that will draw you in with hooks and then open your mind with otherworldly beauty. Tsjudger are aware of the raw potency of their music and listening to them pick that apart is a pleasure, it gives us a reason to carry on in a world of struggle.

At the end of the day Antilive is simply another powerful chapter in the ever growing Tsjuder legacy. These guys roar, screech and murder their way into your heart and once they find their place they refuse to leave. This is the kind of refreshing and bone cracking black metal that we have come to expect from one of this generations premier acts. Tsjuder are demented and glorious and will never let you forget it. What else can you do at a time like this than jump on board the hype train and enjoy the blast beat filled ride?

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