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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vomit of Doom

SAT124: Vomit Of Doom - Obey The Darkness (2015) cover art

Vomit of Doom are the kind of blackened death metal act who understand the inherently fucked up and essentially beautiful nature of the genre. Stripped down to the bone and raw as it comes their sound is chock full of flashy solos, blasting drums and simple riffs. Hovering on top are some gnarly-ass vocal lines that keep the listener stage diving and head walking like mad - and perhaps more importantly, emphasizing the eternally demented sound that only blackened death metal can provide. The "Uggh" at the beginning of a track like Conspiracy Vs The World communicates more in one meaningless syllable than most records can get across in 45 minutes. The point is - Vomit of Doom get what blackened death metal are supposed to be about and it's hard to forget these Argentinean masters once you've heard them. This is the genre at it's finest - ready to skullfuck you into oblivion and leave you to suffer, a slave to the obscene crippling world that defines us all.

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