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Saturday, September 5, 2015


I have always found myself trying to explain what genre a band is and there is so much collaboration from different spectrums of the music world that it’s hard to pinpoint where a band belongs.  Recently I was introduced to a band that has made that job even harder.  When a band is so different from the niche of what is mainstream and breaks through all of the walls we have built around music, what do you call them?  Innovative leaders taking the music world back to what it once was.  A place where your ART was your own and you were appreciated for your work.  U.K. based band PULO REVÉ  takes you on a journey aboard with their debut album “É” to a place of no restrictions and I never want to leave.  

The spoken poem style singing is stitched within a very diverse sound of hardcore music with a jazzy edge and rock-like influence.  There is actual singing as well and I thoroughly enjoy the vocals in this band.  The lyrics are expertly written from a background of philosophy and english literature and tell a tale of ardent adolescent relationships going through the trials of time.  The music is spacey and relaxing at times with a whimsical feel and other times it kicks you up a few gears but when you close your eyes this music seems to take over and you just melt into the song.  From spanish style acoustic guitars to punishing metal riffs, the music behind the whole album is definitely interesting to say the least but delivers for anyone willing to break away from the herd and be an individual.  This album has something for everyone.

This experimental band is delivering a fresh new sound that this industry desperately needs.  The songwriting on this whole album is absolutely phenomenal.  I love when a band pushes the limits of what they can do and holds nothing back.  Even more impressive, this album was done entirely by the band.  No producers telling them what to do or how to do it.  If you’re a free thinker and love the art of music then you have to give PULO REVÉ’s debut album “É” a chance to free you from the norm.  I expect amazing things to come from this diverse and clever band. 

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