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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower

Windhand have made their name on being slightly spooky and balls out heavy, two things that are really required in doom these days and two things they do better than almost all of their peers. The ethereal magic of their previous records has only grown on Grief's Infernal Flower which sees the band building on the Melvins-esque sonic assault that they established for themselves on Soma. Produced by Jack Endino, the same guy who did Bleach among other things, the grungy down to earth magic of Windhand is broadcast at it's finest on Grief's Infernal Flower.

There is a beautiful sense of forward momentum that defines this record and adds flavor underneath tasty solos and Dorthia Cottrels haunting vocals. The Windhand guitar tone has always struck me for being a key element in what makes the band work. Even on some of the more profound acoustic moments we get a sense that Grief's Infernal Flower is by and large a guitar driven record. But rather than being there to showcase the guitar players, it is rather a result of colossal walls of sound collapsing onto the listener and leaving them to suffocate as they are slowly crushed by the eerie majesty of the music.

And so the droning majesty of Windhand lives on to fight another day. A band clearly on the path for still greater things, there is a magic to this band that you rarely find in doom acts these days. They trudge forward with a sort of bleak rage, an ethereal darkness that allows their unique brand of doom metal to resonate with thousands of fans across the globe. Things are only going to get better for this band and right now they are clearly on the top of their game. So now it's just a matter of holding on and hoping you can be a part of the ride.

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