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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Zombi - Shape Shift

I'm never sure what exactly to say when Relapse sends me records from Zombi. The thing is - while I do genuinely like what the band does - they are so far out of my wheelhouse that I sometimes worry that I lack the vocabulary to properly communicate the awesomeness within. That being said - their new record Shape Shift is simply magical, it speaks to the ephemeral power that this music has and guides the listener through all sorts of musical peaks and valleys - a unique sonic experience that will shatter your reality.

There is a divine sense of poetry to the record, or as one of my roommates put it "This is so relaxing" Though there is something distinctly demented about what Zombi do - the overall vibe seems to pull you down and give you time to reflect on the daily struggles of the modern man. Zombi are sublime in their articulation, and are at their best when given the chance to write truly long songs. It makes sense then that the highlight track of the record, for met at least, is their nearly fifteen minute long epic Siberia II which takes the listener on a strange journey through all sorts of unique musical landscapes that triumphantly defy description.

And so we find ourselves wandering down the path between bitter reality and the empowerment of mankind. Shape Shift is an all around sonic escapade that is quite unlike any other listening experience you will have in 2015 and that's part of what makes it so fun. I am now more excited than ever to see these guys at Housecore in November. Profoundly weird and gloriously demented - this is what extreme music should be, an all out envelope pushing adventure that will leave you trying to figure out what the hell is going on and when will it come again?

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