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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mother Brain, Pyrrhon, Yautja, and Maruta at St Vitus

Last night saw one of those ridiculously sick bills that helps to make St Vitus such a legendary spot - this time featuring four of the greatest up and coming extreme metal bands in the scene. As I find myself becoming more entrenched in the New York scene I increasingly realize that it is special not just because all the best shows are here, but so are a lot of the most interesting movers and shakers. Hell - I even passed Noisey's Fred Pessaro on the street on the way to the venue - Brooklyn is a hub of metal, there's no if, ands or buts about it.

The point being - when Mother Brain took the stage for a short deathgrind set I was utterly blown away by the face melting power of their downtuned seven string guitar, rattled drums, and guttural vocals. They have a sense of sublime madness behind their work that is impossible to overstate. Yet they control the chaos of their sound and that's a key part of what makes them so fun to watch. You get the sense that the band is about to fall apart at any given moment and yet somehow they stay together, driving their twin vocalled fury to the limit and proving that even in this day and age brutal metal still has something to say.

Now I had never seen Pyrrhon before but I loved their debut record, 2014's The Mother Of Virtues. Suffice to say - the balls out madness and regular descents into noise was incredibly powerful - speaking to an essentially human part of our daily struggle. You watch these guys playing incredibly technical songs that border on raw madness and it's hard not to be impressed with them - Pyrrhon are pushing the envelope in a way only a handful of bands even dare too and I'd argue that of that select group, they might be the most technical. When they closed their set with a cover of Crystal Mountain the entire crowd was won over - enthralled with the immortal power of a band who seem destined to help change the face of extreme metal.

Yautja were up next and I was very curious to see them - largely because my only previous exposure to the band had been from seeing that they toured earlier this year with Inter Arma. Could a band possibly fit on a bill with Inter Arma as well as Maruta? Yautja proved they could, with riffs that fit nicely into the deathgrim polemic crashing down whilst simultaneously having moments of simplified doom derived madness that resonated with the gathered masses. With every member of this three piece contributing vocals Yautja are surprisingly fun to watch perform. They communicate a breadth of emotion with every jarring chord and it's hard not to fall in love.

At last the hour was ripe for Maruta to take the stage and finish eviscerating everyone's ear drums. Focusing primarily on tracks from their latest record Remain Dystopian the band performed admirably even though this particular live iteration - a three piece instead of the bands usual four - only had two of the day to day members. I was struck by the mind boggling technicality of the band as well as their balls out aggression. The sense of rage communicated in every crushing riff is sublime and leaves you choking on the sublime power of the music. Maruta understand what it means to get heavy as shit and when they reach out they slam your ear drums with rapid bursts of sonic insanity. The point being - these dudes understand what it means to play deathgrind and will never let you forget it.

And so the evening came to a close and I took my usual half hour walk back home. I felt cleansed in the immortal power of that which had been unveiled before me - simply because the dudes in these bands are simply that good. Though some might say death metal is tired out, nights like these help me to see that there is an incredibly and brave future for the genre - bonding old and new - proving for once and for all that death metal is not just a scene, but a worldview, and one that will remain victorious for years to come.

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