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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Amberian Dawn - Innuendo

Amberian Dawn have always fascinated me as one of the best symphonic metal bands out there. While a lot of these white woman wailing bands leave me bored, these guys have always been able to prove themselves to be top notch musicians and songwriters. Now that the band has come to terms with their new singer Paivi Virkkunen they are back with their second record in as many years - proving that they may very well be on the verge of new life - ready to rise forth - better, and catchier, than ever before!

The point being Innuendo has all of the bombast that we have come to associate with this band. Toss in some potent vocal lines and even more impressive vocal acrobatics. The riffs are tight as ever and the neoclassical riffing is delicious. While Amberian Dawn certainly are very flashy that's a part of the appeal. The arrangements are perhaps their best yet on Innuendo, the epic soundscapes on tracks like Ladyhawk create a sense of musical depth that is far superior to anything the band has done previously and leaves me begging for more. The fact of the matter is that Amberian Dawn may very well be the new lords of symphonic metal.

Amberian Dawn have managed to crack the code of symphonic metal and create something that sounds epic but still has depth and is actually worth listening too. Whereas many imitators create mediocre fascsimiles Amberian Dawn are the real fucking deal. They've managed to drive a javelin into my jaded heart and prove to me for once and for all that symphonic metal is more than just a trend but actually a genre that can rise up and mean something to the greater metal canon. This is symphonic metal at its finest and should not be ignored.

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  1. Nice review. Said very much the same at my own website. Good job from DemonsZone. :)