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Friday, October 2, 2015


There is a profound artistry to symphonic metal, and as much as jaded people like me like to poke fun at it, it's hard to deny that the folks in these bands are top notch musicians and songwriters. Selene get the inherent beauty that symphonic metal can have and guide their music ship wonderfully - rarely subdued but never over the top. Instead striking a nice and potent balance that is sure to attract all symphonic metal fans. The deeper you delve into what they do, the more you realize that Selene are the kind of metal band that the common man can get in too. They're epic, loud, but rarely alienating, instead drawing the whole world into their arms and guiding you forth with powerful choruses and a sense of rock and roll majesty that few of their peers can match. With every solo landing precisely on point and every harmony guiding the band ever further along it is impossible not to be charmed by Selene's sublime musical triumph.

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