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Monday, October 26, 2015

Birds In Row - Personal War

Birds In Row have always been a very special hardcore band to me, they push a lot of the boundaries that define the scene and help to keep the genre interesting, what's more is that they're from my home country of France. Their is a profound power to their new record, from the epic intro track to the abrasive riffs that define the record Personal War sees Birds In Row taking their unique brand of decisively brainy hardcore to a whole new level. This is what hardcore really should be about, vicious, desperate, and incredibly enjoyable.

Regular readers know that I review a lot of bands and consequently listen to waaaaay too much extreme music - so when a band really takes me by surprise like Birds In Row does I am left in awe. These guys understand that one of the key elements of hardcore is to give the riffs space and allow the distortion and sonic might too really resonate with the listener. The thing is - Birds In Row are unafraid to mix in all sorts of diverse influences into their sound, creating music that can't help but be fascinating. Personal War is merely the culmination of all the band has done - a truly transcendent hardcore record if there ever was one.

At the end of the day - I'm just a tired out kid, and let's be real, you probably are too - there is no poetry to our day to day lives. But when we get a chance to revel in the murk and feel the cleansing power of a record that takes the art we love to a whole new level... we all have to sit back and enjoy it. Birds In Row understand the potent power of hardcore and what it was always meant to be. Listening to this band is strangely inspiring and leaves me wanting more - Birds In Row have broken all the rules and come out on top.

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