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Monday, October 26, 2015



Huldra are one of those tight doom-death bands that fill out regional scenes and help to establish the depth of this kind of music. The tight riffing and majestic vibes are what define The Braindead EP, a nifty little three track record the band put out back in May. There is something strangely addictive about what these guys do - be it the black metal riffing in Buried Alive or the tormented doom metal madness of Bound. Huldra understand the wonderfully demented madness of the genre and fill their records with gloriously brutal odes to the fucked up realities we all must face. Filled with that truly American punk rock magic that makes this continent so fascinating to me Huldra perfectly balance this with a much more refined and epic polemic that leads to a sound that revels in duality and beats your head into the ground. Huldra are raw, evil, and strangely majestic - they reflect all that makes their scene great and are a truly enjoyable listen.

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