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Friday, October 2, 2015

Draconian - Sovran

Draconian is a surprisingly tastefully done doom/symphonic/death metal/whatever band who have rapidly managed to capture my heart with their epic dirges and powerful vocal melodies. With a nice mix of growls and female cleans alongside a terrifying organ sound there is something strangely satisfying about what the band do on their latest full length - the almighty Sovran. The deeper you delve int other bands distinctive sound the mire you realize hat these uys are top notch musicians and composers with a potent vision.

While yes - here and there moments of modern metal sneak in, the majority of the record is powerful and filled with deep emotions. From the initial trudge on the album opener Heavy Lies The Crown it is immediately clear that on Sovran Draconian have been able to pull together a truly powerful sound. The sense of artistry behind the music is perpetually palatable and helps to give a wonderful braininess to the entire record. Though a lot of these tracks skew long the epic themes the band has chosen to embrace make it seem appropriate and never leave the listener bored but instead stunned by the iconoclastic and refreshing presentation of the music.

The fact of the matter is that doom metal is a pretty fucking crowded scene right now and Draconian have found a simple way to twist it and make it exciting. When you find out the band has been around for 21 years it makes sense that their sound is so mature, no younger band could really invoke something this powerful. Diverse and refreshing Draconian's time has come to take up their role as one of the lords of a scene that God forgot. The only question now is can you take the madness onto your own shoulders?

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