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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Extreme Noise Terror - S/T

Extreme Noise Terror have been at it for over thirty years now and with their tumultuous history and countless lineup changes it's pretty impressive to see that they are still together. Their new self titled record is a perfect reflection of all that has made the band great over the years. Loud, visceral, and ceaselessly destructive this is a record for the ages - one that will leave the listener on the edge of their seat. As weird as it may seem - thirty years in Extreme Noise Terror may very well be at their most chaotic yet.

There is something strangely human about this record - I mean a band doesn't stick around and still have hype six records into their career if they're not doing something right, right? The vaguey catchy sonic assault and circle pit inducing drum beats that define tracks like Last Fix of Fame is a key part of what has always made this band so endearing - and Extreme Noise Terror speak to that. That being said - these guys continue to push the boundaries of their own sonic paradigms. While nothing is too far of a departure from the norm one definitely gets the sense that Extreme Noise Terror are pushing boundaries in exciting ways and will continue to put out ever more extreme and soul eviscerating music until the end of time.

I'm never sure what to write at the end of a lot of these reviews. All I can say about Extreme Noise Terror is that it shows us that the band is only getting better with age. While a lot of bands who have stuck around this long end up being kind of sad Extreme Noise Terror seem to simply be leaping from peak to peak - putting out ever more dominant music with each passing record. Extreme Noise Terror are the tried and true lords of the genre - content in reveling in the filth that has accumulated around them - and it is glorious.

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