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Saturday, October 10, 2015

This Gift Is A Curse - All Hail The Swinelord

This Gift Is A Curse have done it - simply put - they have put the single most evil black metal record of the year bar none. All Hail The Swinelord comes at you at a million miles an hour with downtuned guitars and raging riffs tearing into your skull and shocking the listener with their incredible soul melting intensity. This is more than just a black metal band - this is pure sonic destruction come to earth - here to make you suffer and question the very nature of reality. This Gift Is A Curse are black metal taken to the darkest extremes.

It's impossible to not be immediately drawn in by this record and once you click play it's equally difficult to stop. Every moment feels more evil than the last - the fucked up magic of the band shining through and giving each and every song its own sense of demented virility. Counterbalancing short ragers with longer epics of hatred there is a destructive magic to All Hail The Swinelord the noisy interludes seem to reek of primal chaos and leave the listener wondering what sort of god would create a world where music like this could exist. All Hail The Swinelord tears the listener apart and leaves them to choke on their own suffering.

Simpy put - This Gift Is A Curse have no real competitors at this point - they hold the crown for the most disturbing band in black metal - and that's what makes their music glorious. The epic vibes and overwhelming vocals create a sense of total aural hatred and leave you wondering what fuels this deliciously fucked up music. These guys aren't messing around with All Hail The Swinelord and if you don't feel your heart rate speeding up during the high powered drum assault on tracks like New Temples then you might just never get it.

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