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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Honeymoon Disease - The Transcendence

Female fronted Thin Lizzy inspired rock and roll, what's not to love? Sure Honeymoon Disease aren't fully developed musically, but these guys and gals are a young band, and an exciting one at that. These guys use potent harmonies and fun guitar riffs to help craft a vibrant rock and roll sound that will get you dancing in the wonderfully occult vibes that they draw up on their debut record The Transcendence. Fast, hard hitting, and unafraid to go over the top, Honeymoon Disease understand the spirit of the genre.

Now - as you probably know right now we're seeing more top notch female fronted bands than ever before, so what makes Honeymoon Disease so special? Well for one thing - the guitar playing is utterly stellar. The lines that define songs like Stargazer are far too much fun and remind me of first generation vest metal masters Gypsyhawk. Beyond that - despite the occasional fantastical lyric or too Honeymoon Disease feel strangely earthy. Perhaps it's the rich vocals of the bands front woman Jenna Disease (Yeah... they all use the last name Disease, this is one of THOSE bands) or Jimi's straight drum beats, but Honeymoon Disease are a rock and roll band for the common man to be able to relate too.

So let these grooves wash over you and capture your imagination. Honeymoon Disease are here to rob you of your precious soul and the sooner you give it over the sooner you will fall in love. The Transcendence definitely leaves room to grow - but that's part of the beauty of rock and roll. The simple fact of the matter is that these guys have the confidence, drive and artistic vision that can take them far. Now the only question is if all y'all are willing to take a chance to dance along to a band that could take it all the way.

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