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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pinkish Black - Bottom Of The Morning

Pinkish Black are an inherently fascinating band. Outside of their tragic backstory these guys have also rapidly come into their own as some of the most interesting and potent songwriters on Relapse right now. Their third record Bottom Of The Morning is one of those albums that speaks to the weird magic that this bands unique brand of post-music has. Pinkish Black have a profound sadness behind their work and a sense of the sublime that gives their soundscapes breadth - creating an album that you have to come back too time and time again.

Part of what has always fascinated me about this duo is how wonderfully organic the sound is. Toss in a healthy dose of Zombi-esque weirdness and you start to get a sense of why Pinkish Black is so inherently fascinating to a metal nerd like me. Bottom Of The Morning speaks to a much darker reality, one that we all must deal with despite the terrors that might haunt us. The magic of this record is that despite the tightly organized song structures and wonderfully eerie melodies there is also a sense of chaos that tickles the edges of the album. You hear the record about to fall apart, terrifying the listener and leaving them forced to grasp at straws - desperately hoping for a way out of this fucked up world of ours.

Maybe I'm just tired after a long day of work - but there is something that really resonates with me with Bottom Of The Morning as if Pinkish Black are speaking to the power of the human condition. Pinkish Black get what it means to craft tunes that resonate with the listener and give us a reason to live. The purifying magic of Bottom Of The Morning will leave any fan of outer sound satisfied, and perhaps even eager for more. Though this record can be a challenging one, it's hard not to fall in love with what these mad geniuses have done.

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