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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Putrevore - Tentacles of Horror

Tentacles of Horror cover art

Crushing, evil, filled to the brim with burning conviction Tentacles of Horror is a Swedish death metal record. This is one of the single most satisfying  records I have heard all year - every meaty riff digging into your bones and leaving you suffer as one possessed - a slave to the crushing and undeniable slaughter of heavy metals magic. The crushing bottom end that defines this record is simply colossal in scale - it leaves you suffering under pure sonic weight - this is what heavy metal was meant to be in its purest and most primal form, and you find yourself suffocating in the murky horrors.

See - my day to day can be chaotic - life in the music industry is like that. And that's what makes albums like Tentacles of Horror so god damn valuable. They force you to face the monolith of your own inhumanity and realize that in the end we all die and need to take life as it comes. Every crunching riff and speedy vocal delivery helps to build an aural storm that leaves you suffocating. Toss in some slowed down sections that punch the listener right in the gut and you find yourself utterly beholden to the eternal power of the music. After all - isn't that what rock and roll is all about? If the rhythms aren't making your heart beat fast and the lyrics aren't pissing off your parents - why even bother?

Tentacles of Horror is a death metal nerds death metal record and that's a huge part of what makes it so delectable. You find yourself lost in the bands pure ritualistic sense of blasphemy and it's hard not to be enamored with their ability to melt your face off with every roaring chord. Putrevore get to the raw beating heart of death metal and hold it proudly within their fangs. These guys are fucked up, demented, and loving every unholy minute of it, and if you can't handle the riffs, then you might as well leave the hall.

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